We buy all our coffee from the UCA MIraflor co-op just outside Sheffield’s twin city of Esteli, via the ethical company Etico, as we are too small to arrange importing and transporting the coffee without help. Etico pay our farmers a fair price – in spring 2020 it was 23% above the fair trade minimum for organic coffee – so the Co-op, the farmers and their families can prosper. We use our profits to buy more coffee and to support projects in our twinned cities, sometimes we have been able to donate cash, but we usually provide support by donating or supplying coffee at cost price to community groups or social enterprises.

But this isn’t just fairly traded coffee, this is single origin, shade grown at altitude on a nature reserve coffee where the farmers take pride in the sustainability of the estate using practices that respect their environment.

Twin Café is a company that coffee lovers and growers can unite around. Each cup of Twin Café coffee is helping to strengthen a twinning relationship, encouraging cooperation and exchange between two cities and their communities.



Our Coffee

Twin Café coffee is single origin, fairly traded, bird-friendly, organically shade grown at altitude, handpicked and processed arabica – it tastes great and it’s from Estelí Sheffield’s twin city.

You know where the coffee is grown, you can find UCA Miraflor’s website and as a renowned coffee expert, James Hoffman, says “the best advice I can give is to buy as traceable a coffee as possible”

In the northern highlands of Nicaragua, near Sheffield’s twin city of Esteli, is the natural reserve of ​​Miraflor – Moropotente, where our coffee is grown. Famous for lush green cloud forests, eco-tourism, endless blue skies and some of the best coffee in Central America.

Our coffee is grown here, between 1000 and 1450 metres above sea level. Coffee naturally grows in shade and the UCA Miraflor arabica beans are grown slowly and to full maturity beneath the shade of mature trees helping maintain Nicaragua’s amazing plant and animal life. (Nicaragua’s rainforests are home to 7% of the planet’s biodiversity)

UCA Miraflor co-operatives farm the land of one of Nicaragua’s cherished National Protected Areas, the soil is unpolluted and the coffee grown here is non-GMO and free of the toxic residues left behind by pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The coffee is incredibly delicious. It’s full-bodied, fruity, chocolately, with hints of caramel flavour and a rich, inviting aroma.

When the coffee beans are a deep, wine red colour they are hand-picked and then fermented so the skin can be gently removed without damaging the delicate bean inside. The beans are then washed and sun-dried on African beds.    Finally, the beans have a 30-day “rest” which allows the flavour profile of the coffee to deepen in richness, complexity and taste.

Some coffee farms soak the ground with chemical fertilizers and others slash and burn the forest, spraying the coffee beans with toxic pesticides but UCA Miraflor are committed to promoting diversified, agro-ecological production and environmental protection.

UCA Miraflor comply with quality standards and international, organic and fair trade certifications. They are members of the National Coordination of FairTrade Nicaragua, Association of Coffee Cooperatives (Cafenica), and the agro-ecology and food security promotion group CLUSTER.

UCA Miraflor farmers grow our high quality coffee with a passion for what they do. The coffee is only shipped when perfectly ready for travel. It is roasted in Sheffield by experts. Whether you drink your coffee, light or darkly roasted, in a cafetiere or from an espresso machine we make the perfect cup for you.



UCA Miraflor are a farmer’s co-operative who grow coffee and other crops in the beautiful natural reserve of Miraflor – Moropotente. Their sustainable agriculture includes certified coffee production (Fair Trade and organic) eco-tourism and the use of alternative technologies.

Etico: The Ethical Trading Company

Who buy and ship our coffee offer a variety of quality products produced by small farmers around the world. They value partnership, shared ownership, quality assurance, traceability and collaboration among stakeholders. Ético is 100% owned by cooperatives and charities, and dedicated to bringing justice, empowerment, and equality through quality trading relationships


Founded in 1879 Pollards have a wealth of coffee experience. They roast our coffee and with their expertise h