When we were thinking about setting up a social enterprise we thought that what people wanted was an organisation that supported their local community, as well as, communities from other parts of the world. We decided that this was what the concept of twinning was all about. It is the idea that two different cities can help one another through cooperation. We wanted to be an organisation that strengthens both twin cities and invests in the people that make them the amazing places they are.



When we first heard about Roundabout housing association they ticked all the boxes for us. The work they do with homeless young people in Sheffield is of benefit to everyone in our community. They are providing young people with the support, encouragement and opportunities they need to step forward with their lives.


Roundabout first began providing shelter for homeless young people in Sheffield in 1977. Since then, the organisation has grown to the point of supporting over 150 young people every day. They now provide emergency accommodation at their direct access hostel and support young people to live independently in secure bedsits and shared housing throughout the city. Through its combination of accommodation, training and support Roundabout helps young people to break the cycle of homelessness and develop the skills necessary to live independently long term.


We think what Roundabout does is amazing and so we are using our profits to help support them. We want you to buy our coffee because it tastes amazing but we also want you to know that your money is supporting those who live around you.

393 Youth Club

Youth clubs and their workers can play a vital role in young people’s development, from providing a safe environment for them to relax in with their friends, offering advice and support through the transition into adulthood and giving the opportunity to take part in activities and trips they would not usually have access to, building self-confidence, esteem and social skills.


393 is an open-access Youth Club providing free sessions to 12-19 year olds and a separate junior club for 8-11’s. As well as having a large sports hall and separate pool room it has a kitchen where they regularly cook with the young people and along with a new allotment area where they are working to promote healthier dietary choices for our members. Their young people also take part in an extensive activity program which provides them with opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.


Estelí, Nicaragua

Los Angelitos

Los Angelitos is a music project that offers music education and social development opportunities to children who would normally not be able to access it. Operating out of a small room in a house, Jose Alberto offers children of all ages the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. The neighborhood he works in is one the poorer ones, and sadly some members of the community are caught up in crime or drugs. Yet the sounds of guitars, keyboards, and even a trumpet, can be heard drifting down the street. Through music Los Angelito offers young people the chance to be part of something creative and empowering.Through playing instruments and singing children realise their ability to create beauty and are empowered to come together to work towards a shared goal.

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